Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Word on the Google Hangout With Pierre Roustan Is Out

(Ahem), Twisted Twins, I'm looking at both of yooooouuuu....

Okay, enough joking around. Yes, the Google Hangout hasn't been used much, but it's definitely a great way to get to know readers, writers, and, well, horror fanatics. WE LOVE YOU ALL!

But This Won't Be Just a Little Chit Chat Session....

You know, like Craven's iconic "Scream" telephone call.

Yes, I like scary movies. I also like scary books. I'm sure many of the rest of you do as well. And I'm sure Drew here would've loved to deal with a scary book over a movie any day, especially given what we know happened to her. Sad.

Since this is about scary books.... (THE CAIN LETTERS), I'm going to show my love a lot for this Google Hangout. This isn't going to be just a chit-chat pick-the-brain sort of talk-talk boring kind of thing.

I'm so interested in getting to know potential readers, that all who participate in this Google Hangout.... (Wait for it).... Oh, Hell, I'll just say it: you're all getting a copy of the ebook THE CAIN LETTERS. Free. And, yes, before it officially debuts on the 18th of December.

How's that?

And One More Thing to Satisfy Your Cravings for Horror....

One participant in the Hangout of my choice will also get something else.... Aaaaaaaand that'll be something I'll reveal at the close of the Hangout :-). Sorry. I have to keep the suspense.

You won't be able to guess what it is....

So I hope to see all of you soon. I'll be on my phone using the camera, so it'll be pretty in-depth, real, personal (and let's hope it won't be bloody). Here's the link to the invitation yet again.

Do join. Don't be scared. I won't bite.

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