Author Bio

As much as I love writing fiction, my first love growing up was poetry. I’ve been writing, essentially, since I could speak in complete sentences. My first short story was written in second grade. I only started writing stories, because at heart I believed I was a storyteller.

That’s what was missing in poetry for me: the depth of a story. My life is my stories. After graduating from high school, I attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, achieving a B.A. in Creative Writing. I currently work part time as a freelance copywriter, proofreader and editor. Working in that profession has, of course, sharpened my craft in terms of editing and deadlines.

I currently live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with my wife and three little girls; I also have a son, my youngest, who I hold close to my heart and soul. Together, they all are my muses, my inspirations. My reason for writing.