Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Ache Is Agonizing: The Debut of THE CAIN LETTERS Is Only 3 Days Away!

Are you going nuts? I'm going nuts. It's nerve-racking, really. Still, it's pretty sweet that I just recently was interviewed on some information about the book right here, and the segment's featured on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Scoop.It, the Tsu Network, and Pinterest.

But That's Not the Point of This Post, People.... I've Got a Special Surprise for You

This is so painful that I have to see what's out there. I want people to experience the saga that is THE CAIN LETTERS, delve into the cold, hard world that belongs to Alexandra Glade and the Berith Lochem, an existence of the damned waiting to swallow frail humanity like Christmas dinner. And, yes, the debut date is set for December 18th, 2015, but dagnabit.... I want to give some good people the opportunity to get this book before it officially debuts.

There's a waiting list. Simply comment your email address below. This waiting list may fill up pretty fast (I'm allowing only 20 readers on), and these readers will get THE CAIN LETTERS FOR A MERE 49 CENTS PURCHASE. Invoices will be sent and Kindle and epub versions will be delivered immediately -- before the book debuts.

Now I Repeat: This Won't Last Long. Because Come Midnight of the 18th, the Book Officially Goes on Sale EVERYWHERE

So act now.

Again, just comment below with your email address, and I'll send you your invoice.

The Kindle version and epub version of THE CAIN LETTERS will be yours for just 49 cents.

Call it my little gift to you this Christmas. And may all rest easy this cold winter (for now.... evil laugh....)

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