Monday, November 23, 2015

And the Winner Of #THECAINLETTERS Contest Is....

It amazes me how wildfire spreads when you post a 'contest' or 'quiz' or something like that on Google+ or Facebook. Like moths to flame. So it was a little overwhelming to see the response to the particular contest I had posted on the blog here to not only get a teaser of the upcoming book, THE CAIN LETTERS, but to get the full first chapter in its entirety if you just answered one question!

I had to refrain from 'voting' myself, because, well, I know the answer, of course! But it was great seeing many of the responses, and even after posting a deadline for when voting would stop, people still kept on voting!

I know you vamp crazies out there are blood-hungry, but that was a bit overboard! I loved it, though.... You're showing your love.

So Who Won the Contest for THE CAIN LETTERS?

I'm pleased to announce: one out of several was reachable enough for me to notify, one who actually got the answer right. And hopefully at this moment, he's reading the first chapter.


Enjoy. And I hope the work tantalizes your horrific taste buds enough to find out what else happens.

We're Getting There, People....

Less than a month away.... Those revenants of the undead are close. You can feel their cold breath on your skin. Their long fingers are ready to grasp your throat. Can you wait any longer?

You're going to have to....


(One More Thing)

Very soon, there will be another 'contest' -- THIS time, it's to win a free copy of the entire book.

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