Thursday, November 19, 2015

Are You Ready for an Excerpt Teaser From #THECAINLETTERS?

I can't keep you waiting any longer.... The buzz is getting louder, isn't it? Yes, it is. And we can't wait for the wickedness to parade itself toward us and feast on our lifeblood. I mentioned a while ago that there was going to be a little bit of a 'teaser'....

So Do You Want One? You Want That Teaser of the Upcoming Novel "The Cain Letters," Debuting on the 18th of December?

Of course, here's the catch: you might notice that there's a bit of mystery behind this excerpt, plus another character I haven't even introduced. Obviously, the context's missing. But here's a little game -- a wicked game -- I want to play with you, and you can play that game right here, right now. But you can only play if you read the excerpt....


“You know, Miss Alexandra Glade, it will never end.”

She stopped, perplexed at his comment. “What?”

Cardinal Felix Delgado stared at her, darkened eyes cutting through the computer screen. Without the standard band collar around his neck, the Cardinal seemed an intimidating man himself, albeit an old one. Mostly, the scar gave him the air of bitterness and hardness, not typical of most holy men.

“Revenge.” he said.

Again, he never failed her. He always triumphed to cut her to the heart with one word, bringing her back out of the shadows to remind her that her life is her own in the light. The sick cycle of evil hardened most souls, contaminating everything good and noble with its pettiness and indifference. Good people raging against evil, hating hate, gnashing at the gnashing of teeth, it was an infection that described evil to a tee. It fed off of everything. And it seemed that the only way to conquer evil was to turn swords to plowshares.

She stared him down, eyes narrowed. “I will make it end.”


Oh, and one more thing....

(The winner of this game gets to read the full first chapter of the book in its entirety....)

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