Monday, November 9, 2015

Revealing the Main Characters of #THECAINLETTERS

Okay.... I couldn't resist. It had to be done. Like the bloodlust echoing in your dark veins does this craving to call out to the masses the reveal of the main set of characters to this novel. This creation of mine. A representation of the dark matter of my mind personified into some hellish demon.

Okay, Okay, I'll Get Off My Horrific Soapbox Already!

Yes. I'm long-winded. So I'll try and make this quick and painless. You may have seen throughout social media the tease of some characters featured in the upcoming book "The Cain Letters," book one of the "Divine Covenant" series. But here are now, I'm going to reveal the names of those characters. Only the names. That's it.

(You can't make me reveal anything more. You'll all just have to wait until the 18th of December. No ifs, ands or buts. Deal.)

And, of course, our heroine. The reason why we're going to read this book. A pretty close interpretation of Alexandra Glade in all her glory. Vixen vampire hunter. Feast your eyes on her....

(and, yes, she does look a lot like a certain MMA legend now, doesn't she?)

So what does #AlexandraGlade from #THECAINLETTERS look like? This MMA legend comes pretty close.Like I said.... Don't mess with her.
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