Thursday, November 5, 2015

Question of the Day: What Makes a Great Vampire?

Interesting question, right? And I ask that question not only as the author of the mytho-religious thriller and mastermind behind the upcoming novel THE CAIN LETTERS, but as an aficionado of the horror genre, particularly regarding our favorite monster of old, dating back to biblical times and spanning the globe in different cultures: the vampire.

We've Seen so Many 'Versions' of the Vampire, Though: Which One Ranks at the Top?

Difficult question to ask and answer, I guess. The culture, though, deserves praise for having such rich history and mythology ripe for literature and stories, both on the silver screen and printed paper. But perhaps this isn't about what makes a great vampire, period -- but, rather, what can make a great vampire to you!

After all, we all have different 'tastes' (in blood).

Tough Choice? You Bet! Sink Your Teeth Into This One and Let Me Know What You Think....

Even when the literary industry and entertainment market for film and television starts getting a bit tired of the joi de vivre of the vampire, one thing's still for sure: you've got to love the style of the strigoi!

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