Monday, July 19, 2010

Guest Blogger! Rebecca Royce!

This is a first on "Writing and Reading". A guest blogger. And not just any guest blogger. We're talking about the Queen of Colloquialism-- the Dame of Dynamic Writing-- the Baroness of Bountiful Words-- the Seraph of Simile and Metaphor--

None other than.... REBECCA ROYCE

Fellow author of Eirelander Publishing and all-around wild girl will be writing here tomorrow--that's right, tomorrow, mark your calendars, boys!--writing about her newly released book! Who knows what other goodies awaits. Chuck Stake, keep your bloody hands off. Freak Quincy, lay off the cheesy '80s romance music. She's got a hard edge to her. She'll cut you like butter. She'll whip you like butter, too. Hell, she'll spread you like butter. She'll spread you, whip you, and cut you. Like butter. Be prepared to be churned! Be prepared--

I'll shut up now. Getting too excited. Anyhoo--

Be here tomorrow for the world's greatest butter spreader, shipper, cutter, churner, REBECCA ROYCE!!!

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