Monday, December 10, 2012

WebbWeaver Books BlogTalk Radio Interview December 19th!

WOW, long time no see or hear or whisper or even imagine in your wildest dreams, eh? Yes, I'm still around. Urban fantasy and horror author Pierre Roustan. Still writing. Still plugging away in my cave of solitude, writing about the most hideous of torments of the wise and faithful.

I have returned (DA, DA, DUUUMMMM....).

And I've returned to tell you that the story of Alexandra Glade, the Revenants of Anarchy will be continuing very shortly. There will be a book trailer coming soon. I think I might've already mentioned it before eons ago, but I thought I'd say it again.

I'm updating here specifically for one reason: come the 19th of December, just six days before Christmas Day, look for me on BlogTalk Radio with WebbWeaver Books at this link:

They will be interviewing me on the entire series starting with THE CAIN LETTERS, continuing with the disturbing yet dramatic text of CHIMERA FALLS and then tantalizing your horror-stricken souls with a taste of what's coming in my third book (almost finished) MALUMUNUS.

Please do call in. If you dare. Because you may be in for a slight treat: I've already decided for that interview with Miss Webb and Weaver that I'll be reading an excerpt from the

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