Friday, August 6, 2010

Enter: the Copywriter


Welcome to an introduction to another part of the majesty that is me (yeah, right), and that is a look-see into my services as your copywriter. I had this on the blog over at, but alas, the link is dead now and must be revitalized. So here's the skinny on my services as a copywriter:


I've done short and long form and under multiple formats, plus there's no product I can't do. Be it health care or entertainment, I'm the writer that gets the job done. my rate is extremely negotiable, but however averages around $50 per hour or simply a flat rate of $100 per project. And yet, my rate is so negotiable and my work so trustworthy that I've been known to provide services free of charge if the project doesn't hit home with the sales. You have my word.

Contact me for some samples (if you already haven't received any) at, or call me at 616-248-1509, for your prospective project, and let's get the job done! Thanks so much.

Pierre Roustan

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