Monday, June 28, 2010

The Newest Edition to the KrystaJane Dictionary!

I couldn't even for the life of me remember the name of the segment of my blog where I define a 'new word' in history that I've heard in my life. So I've renamed it in homage of my lovely Krysta (who I'm marrying on August 1st) and a roommate that we're helping find a home :-). This edition is a 2-word combo that is very dear to me....


The combo is....


Now, friends, the ingenuity of these two words is that it describes what is actually "garlic butter". Used to describe a type of noodle that you cook on the stove. But it was recently uttered to me with such profoundness that I absolutely had to enter it into the blog as part of this dictionary hall of fame.

My understanding of the term "gutter barlic" is it is a type of noodle done ghetto-style, meaning someone cooks the noodles in a kitchen without any air conditioning resulting in a very, very, very sweaty individual. You'll notice, also, that not only are the first letters switched, but the words are even switched. The reason behind it is a fierce struggle with the brain to comprehend thought while cooking and paying attention to three kids, three dogs (that engulf the kitchen while individual cooks), and 11 cats (who also inhabit the kitchen).

Needless to say, the result of such 'distraction' is what brought about this tasty 'version' of "garlic butter" noodles. The term, "gutter barlic".

Also, "Gutter Barlic" has been known to be a potential grunge band name.

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