Monday, June 28, 2010

A Break to Reiterate Life and Love

For those who know me, you know I do this a lot: although this is a Writing and Reading blog, I do break away from my themes and just write about something personal in my life--

This is one of those posts. Sometimes, readers, you have to take a step back, breathe, and see something whole for one moment. Make time stop with your eyes. And remember....

On August 1st, I'll be marrying one of the most phenomenal women ever born on this Earth. Not one second goes by that it echoes in my head--that I've been fortunate enough to be graced by such a soul as her. Here's why:

She's an animal lover like you wouldn't believe. At this very moment, she's lying in bed with somebody. Not me. Or else I wouldn't be writing this post to you. No. She's lying in bed with the sweetest little kitten you'd ever meet.

Unfortunately, this little kitten named Cupid had a slight accident with another animal, leaving the tough little tike with a broken jaw. That's right, a broken jaw. Here's the amazing thing, though; for days, my angel, the woman I'm going to marry, worked her tail off to nurse Cupid back to health. I'm talking bottle feedings, loving, constant attention. She never faltered. She never showed any signs of worry (although I knew she was worried).

The best part about her efforts was for quite a few days, Cupid was showing tremendous signs of recovery. His jaw had been so unhinged that all his teeth were crooked. The shaky issue, though, was this:
Cupid was still a baby and fragile as can be. Susceptible to anything and everything, including infection, Cupid came down with a nasty virus, strong enough to keep him from eating. For a kitten his age and his present condition, that's pretty deadly. However.... my lady stuck in there. As much as it terrified her. She never gave up. She still isn't giving up.

Cupid may very well die. But I tell you this: what makes the woman I love the miracle worker of a lifetime is that of all the world she will absolutely not stop showing these little souls the love they deserve. Kind of ironic. A kitten named Cupid loved by a lady. And Cupid never shot any arrows. She simply made a choice. To love unconditionally the purest of little purring creatures. Even till their last breaths.

Make no mistake, Cupid was definitely not the first. Chances are he won't be the last. Because this is my woman's life. Her name is Krysta. And she's a saint of God's world. The world he first created, with all the beautiful animals in it. She was made to show all these animals something most people just aren't capable of showing: compassion, and a never-ending desire to always express the love they need. Even when they're dying.

If Cupid dies, a miracle he takes with him. That miracle is God will know her good deeds more than anything He'll ever know. And with my Krysta, He will be well pleased. As am I.

Thank you for choosing me, Krysta....

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