Saturday, June 19, 2010

iPad in the Flesh

I gotta tell you, straight out, word to your mommy, that if you're able to handle the investment, hands down, straight up, voodoo child and fa-sheezy--


Seriously. For realz, man.

That's one souped-up mutha right there, is the iPad.

I had the great opportunity to sample it at an Apple store in the mall, and it was sick, man. It's like playing with a computer that you can carry around, without the keyboard, without the tower. Without anything. All you have is this monster-size iPod device, touch-screen (really cool, by the way), and you can read books on it, and watch movies and TV shows, and surf the web, and play tons of different games.

Of course, my particular emphasis was on the book-reading ability. iBooks, I think it's called. It's totally insane.

All other e-readers aside, for what it does--the iPad is a mold-breaker. A trend-setter. It's got a wild price tag on it, yes. But I believe it's well worth the money. Check it out. Live it. Love it. Use it.

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