Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Big.... MOVE.

It was like riding a train without the walls and ceiling, the sky of fire colored bright blue and silver, swirling in a mass of shaped thoughts speaking in flashes--

Freak Quincy, resident DJ of Writing and Reading, opened his eyes--

WHOA! ....... Now that was one freaky ride!!

..... Where the hell am I? Dude! Where're the CDs? Where's the leftover pizza?? Where's my water bed?? Where are my clothes?? I'm NAKED!!

...... Well, that's not a bad thing. Naked's not bad. Wow, this is a whole new house. Did I get the memo? Were we supposed to move? ..... Everything looks so different. Eh. A little bland, needs some freshening up. Beige walls. Where the hell is the man, the big head cheese, W.W., Mr. Writer, Lover of Words? .......


[Same montage description of ethereal dream sequence]

Chuck Stake, resident freak and blood-and-guts fanatic opened his eyes--

Holy sheep balls!! Someone stroke me long and hard, where the hell am I? Pass me a t-bone!!

My photos of red meat are gone.... my stiff yellow newspapers. Meat hooks. Gone. All gone. I need some blood to smear all over my naked body, damn it! FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-- (censored for the sake of children all over the world who must be saved from the insanity of Stake).

Both Quincy and Stake look out the windows in awe....

"Whoa...." said Quincy. "They're all still watching."

"They...see us. Quick. Give me a catheter!"

"I'm not touchin' your damn penis."

Looking out the windows at all the faces--faces of those who read the blog so faithfully--Chuck Stake and Freak Quincy realized they moved to a new house. But they really hadn't.... MOVED.

Chuck felt a tear run down his pimpled face as he chewed on beef jerky. Quincy looked in the air and saw tiny little fat cherubs creating Kiss notes in the air.... I. Am Gonna Rock n' Roll All Night.... And Party Every Day! .... He couldn't help but sob softly at the sweet sounds. Such beauty.

No. Definitely no. They hadn't really moved. The house was different. But they were still home.

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