Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It's Been Done: the Results Are In. Now Let's See the Cover Reveal of Book II!

Thanks to all who put their guesses in on the trivia question about the "vampire with a soul" (which, by the way, the correct answer, of course, was Angel of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fame, not that it matters!).

Because each and every participant will be getting a free ebook copy of THE CAIN LETTERS right in their INBOX. Just for guessing. I know, I'm generous. I'm so generous that I'll hand over those free copies to anyone who continues to guess either on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Come one, come all. Don't be shy.

But That's Not Why You All Are Here.... Correct?

You want to see a little sumtin, sumtin, as far as the long-awaited release of the follow-up to THE CAIN LETTERS. Anyone purchased the book, yet? Anyone read it? Then you know this journey isn't over for the vampire hunter.

The journey continues in book II, and aside from the cover below, you'll see the title. What does it all mean? (picture Captain Kirk making that statement). So there you go. Look forward to this in June. It's going to be dark, disturbing, hectic, insane, vicious, vile and utterly filled with doom. And I certainly won't be leaving any spoilers here....

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