Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hard at Work - Timeout for a Little Vindication

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Yes, long time, no read. Been busy, as you always know. That's the life of a writer. But you know what? I haven't forgotten my faithful readers at all, so here's a quick update and then to the nitty gritty on what this post is about:

First off, things are going swell in the author biz, moving along as always. Book 3 of the "Revenants of Anarchy" is almost done, so be looking for it soon under Eirelander Publishing.... working title (wait for it) MALUMUNUS! For those that read book 1 THE CAIN LETTERS and book 2 CHIMERA FALLS, book 3's title will make a TON of sense. Trust me.

That's out of the way.

Here's the purpose for this post, though, as it says "Timeout for a Little Vindication".

As I've said, things are going swell as an author right now. If you remember the post on the Writing and Reading blog about divorce, you'll be interested to read this; I thought it would be both inviting and glorious. Because things are going so well, I thought it fitting to imagine the day that I show up in court to not only increase my child support payments (that's right, I said INCREASE) but to enforce my right as a parent to see my son without interruption, interference and even conceited judgement, saying these words when the final decision is passed:


Even though I received what I came for here, it's both my pleasure and not my pleasure to say that I have absolutely no faith in the court system regarding divorce. Why? Because here I am having been granted my request to increase my own child support payments solely on the fact that I am indeed doing well as an author and freelance writer, the very same "profession" this court and my opposition claim to be inconsequential and insubstantial compared to a REAL job such as McDonald's where Income Withholding can take 70% or 80% of my income, the very same "profession" that basically caused me to be sent to jail after my Show Cause Hearing because the whole writing 'thing' wasn't 'enough'. How dare this court tell me that I'm not doing 'enough'.

Here's my proof--right in front of you. I'm making more than enough money doing exactly what I've been doing--which, by the way, I would never have the time or energy to focus on my field--which pertains to my degree, as it should--if I had a "real" job. Like McDonald's. I want this court to repeat this in their sleep over and over again: I AM PAYING MY OWN CHILD SUPPORT. PERIOD. All without Income Withholding taking over my own income, all without an eye over my shoulder. I'm doing it all by myself, doing what I've always been doing, doing for which all of you have been criticizing me: my writing. I've done it--just as I said I would.

As I have said before: I have no faith in this court system. They treat fathers like they're vomitous masses without brains and immediately toss them out onto the corner, because they're not fitting the presented mold. Close your eyes for a moment and then open them; throw away all your assumptions and stupidity and recognize that there is no mold. There's only a father who does his very best to provide. And you can't tell me freelancing and being a first-time author is warrant enough to throw me in jail. Can you? Please tell me to my face.

Which, by the way, as I was handcuffed for simply being educated and not having a working job for a year--even though I was doing my best to look for one--I had to have my wife e-mail one of my clients to let them know that I wouldn't be able to finish some work that was assigned to me because I'd be in a jail cell. Would you like to know how much income that work would've been? About $120. And the deadline was the very next day after being sent to jail. And the work was simple, too: about ten articles, something I can actually accomplish in a day's work. $120. Not too shabby. SO.... Let's sum up on that sequence of events, and you tell me if it makes any sense: you punish me for not being able to pay child support by sending me to jail, keeping me from making money to pay for that child support! Right? That is exactly how it happened. Does that makes sense to you? Does that compute?

Doesn't make sense to me, personally.

One last thing: I want this to be a message to all hardworking fathers trying to measure up to a system that doesn't care about them. Don't maintain the status quo if it's not measuring up to what your life means to you. I want my son to be proud of how hard I've been working. I want my son to know that I was willing to wrongfully go to jail for how hard I've been working to provide for him more than ever possible compared to any W2 job out there where Income Withholding can take out whatever they want out of a paycheck. I want my son to admire me for the fact that I rose to the occasion and did what my heart told me to do, able to provide ON MY OWN without Friend of the Court looking over my back. And don't say that it's a fallacious statement that Friend of the Court takes out "whatever they want". I have the pay stubs to prove it. It's a faulty system. I remember working 30 hours in one week for a temp agency and not even seeing one dime of it in my bank account because Income Withholding went ahead and took ALL OF IT. Is that a system that works? I think not.

I suggest this court examine just how their law works, because it's definitely not MY law. It's not the American Law. Quite frankly--to me, it seems like an anti-law. And if I had any authority, I'd impeach all of you sitting before me for imposing on a father's freedom to do his best to provide for his children.

Thanks so much for allowing me to speak, and granting me my requests. I look forward to seeing my son as I should, as I desire. Good afternoon.


And that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so!

(Sorry--had to add that in there. I'd, however, NEVER say that one in court!) CHEERS! :-)

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