Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Crazy Updates Show!

This is primarily the "Crazy Updates Show" because I'm literally going crazy as a writer! That would to some degree explain my yet again prolonged absence on the Writing and Reading blog. With everything going on with freelancing, I feel as if every second of each day has already been chewed up even before I get to spend that one chewed-up second! As of right now, of course, Armageddon is coming as I write these words, because it's as if I do not have the time to focus on them! But I must.... I must....

So for those of you confused as to the release of CHIMERA FALLS, don't be! While I did state that it would be released in print, I misunderstood my publisher in that the e-book version would be released on January 7th as the print version is currently being formatted! Any day now. Swear to God. You can own book 2 of the Revenants of Anarchy in paperback very soon. Promise.

And on a lighter note: let me grab my tea and cake while I head to the wardrobe to put on my tweed jacket and snatch my long smoking pipe as well as work on a British accent, because I'm feeling pretty stately today! Just yesterday I received an e-mail from the current President of the Horror Writers Association offering me an invitation to join! Chip, chip, cheerio, laddie! Hold on, let me sip my tea....

Needless to say, I was astonished and overwhelmed by the invitation and will endeavor to acquire a membership with the HWA. It would only be prudent. I was very pleased and honored.

So there you have it! The crazy updates! The journey continues, and as I continue work on book 3, MALUMUNUS, the world will continue to spin, you'll continue to read (hopefully my books), and I will continue to go crazy (but in a good way). CHEERS! And TACO SUPREME!


  1. What excellent news ... the release of your book, CHIMERA FALLS, and being invited to join the Horror Writers Association! Onward and upwards! Whoo hoo!

  2. Thanks, Tami :-). It's so nice to have you as a follower. Please do take a look at my books. And thanks for commenting.