Friday, December 10, 2010

Swear to God, the Final Notice....

It's no coincidence that this post mirrors my final book title to some degree-- B'RITHANAN: THE FINAL COVENANT. Suggests finality--a coming to an end. I appreciate all of your patience and persistence in keeping up with my updates, so here's this final notice..... Drum Roll, Please.

The release date of CHIMERA FALLS has been pushed back (hopefully for the LAST TIME) till January 7, 2011.....

Sorry, people, you have to wait a little less than a month to see it come out! Yeah, I'm a little disappointed, too; but in the long run, this is less stress for me, so I can't be mad. Editing is the only reason for the push-back, I promise :-). So there it is :-). I apologize and hope all of you get to read this before heading to the bookstore and asking about Pierre Roustan's new book. Cheers, my friends!

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