Friday, November 26, 2010

Just Teasin' You!

So here's a quick update: some really astoundingly awesome news, and some veeeeeery slightly bad news.

Ready for it, sonny? Here eh' go (tips straw hat and drums the ukulele).

The really astoundingly awesome news is that CHIMERA FALLS is now officially slated for release *IN PRINT EVERYWHERE*. Didn't see it in words on the publisher web site until several minutes ago, and needless to say I'm so psyched that you'd mistake me for a crack addict.

The veeeeeery slightly bad news is the release date for the book has been pushed back three days. Official release date of the most terrifying sequel to the most thrilling vampire novel of 2009 is now December 6, 2010.

(drums the final note on the ukulele)

And that's all, folks.

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