Friday, November 5, 2010

HOLY COW!!! Kung Fu Movies and Vitamins

My God, how hard is it to actually have the time to keep up the "Writing and Reading" blog and still be able to breathe and normally function like a regular human being on this Earth. I wonder why. Could it be a lack of Vitamins? Maybe I'm not getting enough protein. Or maybe I'm not allowing myself enough time to watch Kung Fu movies. (My words are not matching up with my mouth) (translation: read my lips and this is what I'm actually saying.... WOW LA LA POO PEE WIKI LALALA SUPER SOOOOOOOOO CACA) Yay, Kung Fu and Vitamins.

Seriously, it's been, like, a month since my last confession, er...... post. Sorry, Catholicism. But you know what? I'm writing another post, yay! And you know what else? I do in fact know why I've left the blogosphere so silent in the depths of humanity of this universe and cosmic gases and anomalies, and it is not a lack of Vitamins or Kung Fu. No, no, no, no, no, no.

You know why? It's that I'm secretly stressed over the fact that CHIMERA FALLS, my second book, will be released in less than a MONTH now. I'm excited, too. But let's just say that my mind is running a few miles a second. Eat your heart out, Superman. You may be able to rotate the Earth in the opposite direction; but you can't beat my ability to churn butter with my fingers from across the room..... (focuses fingers across the room and cringes). Butter hath been churned.

So, hello, readers. I am fine now. I shall be back, hopefully a little saner than now. I am going to dunk my head into the pillow. (translation: SASKETCHAWANAHACKALOOGIE HOOKIE MONKEY KUNG FOOOOOOOO)

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