Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Soapbox: First Edition

Time to get on it. This is also the start of a new segment here on Writing and Reading. It's called the "Soapbox".

It's where you get to hear me rant or rave or vent or monologue about something provocative and important in my mind and heart. I think it's important to read. At least to me. So here it goes....


(While listening to Linkin Park's solemn track "Not Alone")

I can't find one soul here that won't say the world's really big. The fact is--theoretically, the world IS really big. Look at it, for God's sake. It takes somewhere around three days or four days to travel around the world by plane (that's a guess, though, might be less or more). A lot of land and water to cross. And anyone ever keep tabs on the number of human beings inhabiting this Earth? Shocking.

But I tell you the truth--this is the real fact--

The world isn't big at all. Maybe I'm the one soul who can say that in this world. Nope, the world's not big.

It's actually pretty small. Sometimes even smaller than a mustard seed.

Sure, it looks big. It feels big. And sometimes we're overwhelmed by it. And you probably think I'm absolutely nuts for making such a claim. "Dear, God, pecans and walnuts pouring out of his eyes and mouth!" I digress when I say that I happen to love nuts, but, moving on....

The reason why the world is so small (at least to me) is a rather small, seemingly insignificant reason. But the truth is it's probably the most important reason you'll ever know. It is this:

The world is simply one breath you take, reminding you you're alive. The world is the look of your newborn son or daughter for just one second. The world is the last breath your pet takes before he or she dies in your arms. The world is the one look you get from your future spouse, those beautiful eyes saying simply "I need you in my life". The world is just one friend, just ONE friend, who needs your help through life. The world is your gifts and talents, no matter how simple or somewhat useless they may be according to society. The world are your parents. Your grandparents. Your great-grandparents. Your ancestors. Your memories long gone, some long forgotten, but then soon remembered.

That's your world. Nothing else.

And when I say it's small, I don't mean it to sound insignificant either. I say small meaning "rare". "Priceless". "Hidden". "Secret". Sacred. Precious.

It's so small that it's easy to lose. It's easy to lose your world. It's easy to lose what's really important to you, people. They're really not that big.

That's why I say the world is small. Tiny. Because of that--you hold onto what matters in your life tight enough that you'll never drop it out of your hand. Remember that. Don't forget your world. Don't forget what matters. Or else you'll find everything you love, cherish, hold dear vanish in the sands.

Have a good night.

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